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Q. Are Knockout ribs gluten free?
A. Only the Peach Whiskey and Sweet Hickory are gluten free, not Korean BBQ.

Q. What is the shelf life on Knockout Meats?
A. 60 days. Assuming your willpower is so ridiculously strong to allow these serious ribs to sit on a shelf or in a freezer for that long without being devoured.

Q. Is Knockout Meats packaging recyclable?
A. The paper carton is recyclable, the plastic covering the ribs is not.

Q. Did you invent a time machine to make these serious ribs in such a ridiculously short amount of time?
A. Short answer, no. Longer answer, it’s really a matter of time. Once technology catches up to your question, we’ll use just such a┬átime machine to travel back to this moment and rewrite the answer to this serious and ridiculous question.

Q. How long will Knockout Meats keep in refrigerator after opening?
A. After opening, Knockout Meats are best consumed within 5 days of opening. But we’ve already stated why this is purely hypothetical unless you’re a master in the art of mind control and self-discipline.

Q. Where is Knockout Meats produced?
A. It is produced in our plant in Swanton, Vermont. Our meat comes from Ottumwa, Iowa.